Badminton Vereniging Almere

English information

The Badminton club Almere is the oldest Badminton association in Almere and also the most multi-purpose. It is possible to play Badminton every day, not only in the evening but also at daytime. You can play at any level, from novice to the most accomplished player. Moreover the BVA has it's own building, Sporthal Raggers, in the Parkwijk, Almere. We have many facilities, such as a sauna, Fitness, classses and our own canteen.

Recreative players

On Monday -, Wednesday - and Friday evening as from 20.00 it's Recreative Player time. Then the recreative players can play badminton in Sporthal Raggers. Under the guidance of expert coaches training is given in a relaxed way. Also a number of tournaments (at which fun is the most important ingredient) can be played.

Badminton by day

It's possible at BV Almere to play badminton at day time. This is available on Wednesday morning. You can play under the guidance of a trainer.


BV Almere is also known for its excellent youth training. The Club has already produced a lot of national Dutch youth champions and even European youth champions. Enjoyment in playing badminton however is always first priority. The Youth board organises lots of events annually such as a Pepernotentournament, an end year tournament, a Parent-Child tournament etc. BV Almere enters with several youth teams to the youth competition of the district Noord-Holland South and is usually very successful.

Competition players

BV Almere takes part in the district competition of the district Noord-Holland and the National Leagues. The first team of BV Almere plays in the Premier Division, the so called Eredivisie.

Team 1

Team 1 is the Flagship for the association. If you want to see the top-players for yourself, you are invited to visit the Sporthal Raggers on Saturday nights. Access is free, no entrance fee.


Location of BV Almere:

Sporthal Raggers
Bongerdstraat 6
1326 AB Almere-Stad