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The easiest way to become a member is via the online registration form at the bottom of this page. Don't forget to send in a passport photo to This is for the membership card.

Contribution fees (with direct debit) Season 2022/2023

Badminiton (4-7 years old) € 140,00
Youth player € 347,00
Competition player senior division 8, 9 and higher € 356,00
Competition player senior division 5,6 and 7 € 379,00
Competition player senior division 2,3 and 4 € 454,00
Competition player senior division 1 € 479,00
Recreational player seniors (from 16 years old) € 288,00

When not providing a direct debit via the authorization below, the contribution will increase by € 15,00 per season. When joining during the current season, the contribution is calculated pro rata.

Competition players who play or train with feather
shuttles pay an additional shuttle fee of € 70,00 per season.
Youth players who play or train with feather shuttles pay a shuttle fee of € 60,00 per season.

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New members must submit a passport photo (digital in jpg format) to for the club pass.

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