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The easiest way to become a member is via the online registration form at the bottom of this page. Don't forget to send in a passport photo to This is for the membership card.

Contribution fees (with direct debit) Season 2023/2024

Badminiton (once a week for the smallest beginners, only in consultation with the trainer) € 146,00
Youth player € 360,00
Competition player senior division 8, 9 and higher € 370,00
Competition player senior division 5,6 and 7 € 394,00
Competition player senior division 2,3 and 4 € 472,00
Competition player senior division 1 € 498,00
Recreational player seniors (at least 16 years old) € 298,00

When not providing a direct debit via the authorization below, the contribution will increase by € 15,00 per season. When joining during the current season, the contribution is calculated pro rata.

Competition players who play or train with feather
shuttles pay an additional shuttle fee of € 70,00 per season.
Youth players who play or train with feather shuttles pay a shuttle fee of € 60,00 per season.

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New members must submit a passport photo (digital in jpg format) to for the club pass.

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Would you like to register for a youth membership? Please contact us first at We offer everyone 2 free trial lessons. If you contact us in advance, 2 dates can be arranged. This gives our trainers the opportunity to assess your level and determine in which group you would fit best. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to try out badminton, see if you like it and to verify whether the training times fit into your agenda.


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